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The property is situated in Greenhills, San Juan. In today's world when all of us are extremely occupied in the day to day busy lives we look for such a convenient residence where luxury meets the day to day essentials. Choosing 27 Annapolis as your new home is right owing to a location that has all the essentials placed absolutely nearby.

Located at the most convenient converging area of San Juan, the tower is the one that proudly stands well within the heart of the city. Being located at one of the major areas of the city one can be assured of staying close to shopping malls, schools, commercial hubs and all sorts of public transportation systems. Jotted down are some of the nearby located essentials:

1. Xavier School - The Xavier School for children is located extremely nearby to the tower. It takes nearly 6 minutes to reach to the school. Hence, you and your kids can escape the long hectic traveling durations and put the saved time into something productive.

2. Shopping Malls - There are in total five shopping malls located nearby to the property and you get to explore the wide range of branded showrooms and eating outlets extremely close to your residing address.

3. Eight schools located in the nearby area - There are in all eight reputed schools located in the nearby areas of the tower. Therefore, one can find numerable choices while picking a school for their young ones that stays extremely close to the property.

4. Cardinal Santos Healthcare Center - Having a healthcare center only 5 minutes away from your residing place is no less than a blessing and an emergent situation can be brilliantly dealt with the same.

5. Makati CBD - The giant business district is located extremely close to the 27 Annapolis Tower. It is located just at duration of twenty-five minutes from 27 Annapolis which makes it very convenient for all the people who have regular traveling requirements to the area for business associations. Also, having a commercial area this close increases the value of the property making it a highly precious asset to own.

6. Ortigas CBD - The Ortigas business district is again located at just a short distance of 15 minutes from 27 Annapolis making it an extremely convenient pick for all the professionals working in the same district or having regular visiting requirements to the same.

7. Mandaluyong City - Located just at a distance of 10 minutes, the Mandaluyong City is one of the major beneficial locations that the 27 Annapolis residents experience. Just a little away from the city keeps the residents away from the havoc of the metropolitan and at the same time close to the necessities of the city by just being located a little distance away.

8. EDSA - Close location of the EDSA highway is another advantage for all the residents of 27 Annapolis. As the highway is one of the major roads linking to several other places the location of 27 Annapolis is convenient for all the people with as easy and quick access to this highway leading them to distant places. 

The Greenhills Shopping Center was first developed in the 1970s, quickly becoming a shopping and leisure destination in San Juan City, Metro Manila. The P25-billion redevelopment aims to bring the shopping center up to par with modern international shopping centers whille retaining the old charm of the iconic shopping and entertainment center. More parking, high-tech cenimas are highlights of the developments which include the 14B newly built and relocated Unimart Shopping Center, additional retail space amids more open areas and canopied walkways.

Nearby Places:

  • 25 mins to Makati CBD
  • 10 mins to Mandaluyong City
  • 4 mins walk to EDSA
  • 15 mins to Ortigas CBD
  • 8 exclusive schools around the area
  • 5 mins away to Cardinal Santos Medical Center
  • 5 Shopping complexes around the area
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