27 Annapolis - AMENITIES

From a Grand Lobby that celebrates you every arrival, A classic and sophisticated hallway to a plunge in a life well lived 27 Annapolis emphasis on quality and craftsmanship will show in it’s amenity areas.

Let's have a brief look at the following amenities of the magnificent tower:-

1. A Grand Lobby - A giant lobby, well designed is one of the major attractions of 27 Annapolis. It adds on to the stylish living of the residents.

2. A Driver's Lounge - A driver's lounge is a special creation of 27 Annapolis for the convenience of the residents. One can let their driver stay at the apartment itself. Anytime the requirement of the driver arises one can call for them and escape all the discomforts of late night or lazy morning self-drives.

3. A Power Generator - No power cuts can ever your days or nights at 27 Annapolis as the property is backed up by a power generator to serve the residents in the times of a power cut.

4. Alarm Systems To Intimate About Fire - In such a huge property security is one of the major sections to pay heat at. Hence, keeping the security of the residents an alarm system has been installed in the property to alert the residents in times of emergency. 

5. Property Management Professional Team - A professional team of trained staff is employed all the time to take care of all the ongoing of the property. They make sure that the residents face no issues at all and lead a comfort life each day.

6. CCTV Installed For Security - A secure environment can be experienced by the residents of 27 Annapolis as all the major security zones and regions stay strictly under CCTV surveillance which in turn is managed by a trained professional

7. Lap As Well As Kids Pools - You can enjoy your weekends or summer days and nights at the pool available for the residents. A luxurious life is just a beginning here at 27 Annapolis.

8. Regular Garbage Collection And Pick Up From Each Floor - A regular garbage collection is done from each floor of the property which helps to keep each unit clean and tidy imparting a hygienic environment to all.

9. Functions Area - Function halls are constructed well within the tower and the residents can organize their social gatherings and parties at the same without looking for a different space elsewhere.

10. An Underground Located Cistern Tank of Water - 24*7 clean water supply is ensured for the residents owing to the unique underground located water cistern tank.

11. Bar And Lounge - Stay well within the property even on weekends and party like you always do at the indoor located bars and lounges.

12. Gymnasium - An extremely well-equipped gymnasium is present in the property that the residents can use on a regular basis for their daily workout sessions. Any equipment you name is present in the gym for your usage.

13. Play Room - A spacious playroom is accommodated in the residence of the numerous people such that the kids can enjoy all the games rather than being just engrossed with books and tablets as major sources of time consumption.

14. Landscape Garden - A landscape garden that imparts you breathtaking landscape views is one of the major attractions of the property which is surely going to make you fall in love with the same to the core.


  • Grand Lobby
  • 3 Hi Speed Elevator with Keycard Access
  • Driver’s Lounge
  • 100% Backup Power Generator
  • Professional Property Management Team
  • CCTV’s in major Security Areas
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Pressurized Fire Escape Stairs
  • Garbage Pick Up on all Residential Floors
  • Exhaust System in the Kitchen and Bath
  • Centralized Mail Room
  • Underground Cistern Water tank
  • Fire Reserve Tank
  • Double-Glazed Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  • Sunlight and Airway Access from every Room
  • Landscape Garden
  • Fully equipped fitness Center
  • Lap pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Multi Purpose Function Rooms
  • Playroom area
  • Bar Area
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